1.  For both theory & practicals, students should attend sharply within the prescribed college timings.

  2. For every theory class, students should maintain running class notes. This will be checked individually at any time.

  3. While attending practical classes, every student should bring observation note book, completed practical records & logarithm books if necessary, failing which the student will not be allowed to do practicals.

  4. Chemistry, Biochemistry & Biotechnology students must wear overhauls while doing practicals.

  5. Zoology/Botany students should bring their necessary instruments for their practical work.

  6. After the completion of every practical class, they should get the observation note book signed by the concerned lecturer.

  7. If any instrument is broken / spoiled during the practical work, the cost of the item as per the bill will be collected from such students at the end of every academic year.

  8. Record note books will be supplied by the college on payment. Only college supplied record note books will be bonafied for practical examinations to maintain uniformity.