ICT Enabled Tools for Teaching-Learning Process

Useful E-Resources –MVR Degree College, Gajuwaka, Visakhapatnam

M.V.R. Degree College has an efficient infrastructure with ICT enabled class rooms, seminar halls, labs, library and administration. The entire campus is connected with Wi-Fi.

Hardware Infrastructure

Institute has adequate number of desktops and lap tops available for students and staff. The laptops are available for use by students and teachers in the class rooms and each department. Computers, scanner, printers and net work devices are available in the administrative section. Projectors are provided in class rooms, seminar rooms and library. The college has employed a full time system administrator for maintenance and support of the ICT infra structure.


Office automation packages for desktops and laptops like- open office, MS office, and antivirus are purchased by the college and updated regularly.

LMS- Learning Management System

The institute LMS- Learning Management System is ICT enabled environment that helps the students to access the e-learning material uploaded by the concerned faculty. This includes Syllabus copy, POS, PSOS and COS, Study Material, Relevant notes, Question Bank and also an e-link for the related topic. MVR college interface is a user-friendly, easy to view and the student can download the available content for the concerned course. The Institute helps students not only understand the concepts that were taught in the classroom but help them revise the topics.

E- Resource and Techniques Used

E- Resource

  1. E- Library from NList (Inflibnet)
  2. Software Applications  like C++, Java, Photoshop, Tally, and Microsoft Office
  3. Videos and Presentation by Faculty members.

Tools & Techniques

  1. Use of Laptops, systems and Tabs.
  2. Use of Projectors, LCD, LED
  3. Use of digital platforms such as Google Classroom, Google Meet
  4. Screening YouTube videos to explore and learn things visually
  5. Preparing presentation based on the syllabus through Power point.
  6. Information shared through the official college website.

E- Learning Resources

Power Point Presentation

  1. Physics
  2. Statistics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Computer Science
  5. Microbiology
  6. Biotechnology
       DNA Cloning
       DNA Finger printing
      Transgenic Animals
     Transgenic Plants
  7. Botany
             Plant Nursery
             Plant Nursery
  8. Zoology
    Identification of Venomous And Non-Venomous Snakes
    Exotic Breeds of Cattles
    Parental Care In Amphibians
    Foetal Membranes in Chick Embryo
  9. Biochemistry
  10. Human Genetics
  11. Commerce & Management
  12. CRT 

           World Cancer Day