1.  All the students are required to put in 100% attendance for both theory & practicals. However 75% of minimum attendance is required to appear for the University Examinations. This should be strictly observed.

  2. A condonation fee of Rs.500/- will be collected for shortage of attendance between 66% and 75% (on medical grounds)

  3. A student who is not in the class at the commencement of each period, shall be marked absent for the period.

  4. A student coming late should not attend the class without obtaining permission from the concerned lecturer of that class.

  5. Students who absent themselves frequently from classes without valid reasons or who habitually come late to the calsses will be subjected to disciplinary action taken by the principal according to the rules of this section.

  6. No leave on the eve of any examination is allowed except with the prior permission from the principal / Leave letter should be counted signed by the parent/guardian.

  7. If he/she is absent for one period before the interval or after the interval, half day will be marked as absent.

  8. The attendance of every student will be informed to the parent along with progress report either by post or through the student.

  9. If his/her attendance performance is not satisfactory the parent should meet the principal in time and should take corrective measures.