The Department of  Mathematics was established in 1991with six Mathematics combinations  MPC, MPCS, MPE, MPS, MPI, and MSCS under B.Sc program. Later in the year 1997 the department introduced another Mathematics combination MECS and in 2000 MPCM introduced. At present there are five Mathematics combinations in this department. Sri D. Gopala Krishnamacharyulu  is the first faculty in this department. The department of Applied Mathematics was started in the year 2003 which is affiliated to Andhra University. Sri K. Ravi Sekhar  is first faculty member in the department.  presently  Dr.Ch.RamasanyasiRao is Heading the Department.


 To develop logical and analytical way of thinking to solve various problems of life. It aims at acquiring the students with the latest trends and developments in Technology. Understanding of the nature and structure of Mathematics, its process and applications.

The Department of  Mathematics strives to be internationally recognized for academic excellence through the depth of its research and teaching, and to be locally relevant through its role in the development of the community it serves.


Encourage and motivate the students, faculties and researchers to utilize the facilitiesprovided with their innovative and society atlarge.


To attract mathematically able students and to provide for them academically coherent undergraduate programmes, with courses that range from the fundamental to the advanced, reflecting the scholarship and research interests of staff .


On successful completion of their studies, all students should have learned to apply critical and analytical reasoning and to present logical and concise arguments, have developed problem solving skills, have learned to assimilate and manipulate substantial bodies of knowledge, have had the opportunity to take options outside their main area of study.


  • Dr. Ch. Rama Sanyasi Rao.                       –     Head of The Department 
  • P.Jaya Lakshmi.                                                –    Lecturer  
  • B.Aruna Durga Laxmi.                                 –     Lecturer 
  • V.Revathi.                                                           –     Lecturer 
  • NasseraBhanu Begum.                               –     Lecturer 
  • V.Sirisha.                                                             –      Lecturer 
  • S.Santhoshi Kumari.                                     –      Lecturer