The Principal and every student of this college is a member of the college union.

The objectives of the union are to provide opportunities to the students to assure important responsibilities and authority in the conduct of extra – curricular activities and to enable the students to enjoy the privilege of planning and managing their own affairs through their representatives.

The Principal of the college will be ex-officio President of the Union.

The Executive body of the union consists of president from final year students, Secretary from second year students and Joint Secretary from first year students.

The president, Secretary and Joint Secretary will be nominated by the Principal on the basis of merit of marks obtained in the previous Public Examinations.

The General captain will be nominated from III year students by the Principal basing on their proficiency Certificates(Participation in inter – collegiate and the Annual sports meet).

The class representatives – one from girls, one from boys of each group will be nominated by the Principal on the basis of merit as above.

All the members of the Students Union and class representatives are advised to maintain the overall discipline of the class, to maintain the furniture in good condition and to see that the college premises look decent during the class work as well as any other college functions.

All the members of the students union and class representatives should participate in the college functions to make them successful.

Students Union of 2012-13

President -Vikram Pradhan, III
Secretary-Bismitha Mohanthi, II B.Sc
Joint Secretary-E.Dhana Latha, I B.Sc

Students Union of 2013-14

President -S.Yamini Sirisha, III B.Sc.
Secretary-K.Divya Jyothi, II B.Sc
Joint Secretary-Seema Kumari Singh, I B.Sc

Students Union of 2014-15

President -K.Divya Jyothi, III B.Sc
Secretary-D.Gang Bhavani, II B.Sc
Joint Secretary-R.Mohini Nagalakshmi, I B.Sc

Students Union of 2015-16

President -N.Sravana Sandhya, III B.Sc
Secretary-Bhavani Sudha, II B.Sc
Joint Secretary-T.Santoshi kumari, I B.Sc